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Remember when ‘Fine’ jewelry was ultra conservative?  Sure, the items sparkled brilliantly, but jewel setting styles barely changed from year to year.  It was all a little too hohum.


Clothing styles, on the other hand, have been all over the map, wildly creative and taking inspiration from cultures around the world, from history and even an imagined future.


While Fine Jewelry failed to keep pace, ‘Fashion’ Jewelry delved right in.  Exotic ensembles relied on creative and bold pieces and Fashion Jewelry filled the breach.  It took Fine Jewelry a while to catch up, but not wanting to lose market share, designers of high end jewelry began creating more intricate and bold pieces. In fact, their designs began to look suspiciously like much of the Fashion Jewelry on offer.  With this blurring of the lines between the two jewelry genres, we’ve come up with twelve reasons to choose Fashion Jewelry over Fine:



  1. Fashion Jewelry tends to have more fun, inventive and eclectic designs to keep pace with today’s clothing styles.


  1. Materials for complex designs are not as heavy so Fashion Jewelry necklaces are more comfortable, and earrings are lighter so they don’t pull down on your earlobes, misshaping them.


  1. When Fashion Jewelry items go out of style you haven’t put out a lot of money for them.


  1. When you lose an earring, you may feel sad, but it’s not devastating – just buy another pair!


  1. Because Fashion Jewelry is cheaper, you can have a more extensive collection to complement more outfits.


  1. If a Fashion Jewelry necklace breaks, no need to go to a professional jeweller. You can fix it yourself with a pair of xxx pliers.  [ see our jewelry kit ]


  1. You don’t need to spend money insuring Fashion Jewelry.


  1. Fashion Jewelry gives you more scope for self-expression.


  1. Travelling? Leaving your Fine Jewelry at home due to theft worries may leave you with nothing to dress up your outfit for a romantic evening out – unless you packed your worry-free Fashion Jewelry!


  1. You can use the money you save buying Fashion Jewelry to splurge on other accessories, like the perfect belt or pair of shoes.


  1. Fashion Jewelry pieces are of such good quality (think cubic zirconia) that it is often hard to tell them from the real thing! (Always fun to keep them guessing!)


  1. Still love your Fine Jewelry? We love it too! And this brings us to our final reason to love Fashion Jewelry . . . you can easily mix it with your Fine Jewelry, for a luxe look!

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