Magic Disappearing Ink Pen – FREE SHIPPING

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Item specifics
    • Novel magic ballpoint pen – Writing Point: 0.5mm
    • Looks just like a normal pen
    • The letters which wrote down by this pen will disappear within 2 hours
    • Higher the temperature, more quickly it disappears
    • Easily play tricks on your friends with this pen
    • Non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free auto vanishing pen
    • Able to doodle on paper, clothes, & most smooth surfaces
    • Great for writing secret messages
    • Great gift for your friends
    • Ink Color: blue
    • Pen Color: black
    • Size: 140 x 10 x 10mm/ 5.5 x 0.4 x 0.4in
    • Net Weight: 11g/ 0.39oz
    • Kids will love showing off its magic to friends!
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Package Contents:  1 X Magic Disappearing Ink Pen

The words: “Magic Ball Pen” have vanished!



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